Monday, December 7, 2009

Paranormal Quiz

Thursday, December 3, 2009

To hunt or not to hunt in GRAVEYARDS...

As there are many opinions in every subject imaginable...whether ghosts haunt their own graves or not is just another one of those debates.

Theory One: Why stick around?

Many people think graveyards are NOT haunted. Why would a spirit stick around it's dead body when it could be haunting it's home? Family? Place of death? If I was to die but my spirit hung around...why would I stick around my grave?

Theory Two: The wondering spirit.

Another opinion goes with the wondering spirit. Just like a living person can travel from one place to another, couldn't a persons spirit? Or maybe the spirit can be in two places at once? Maybe the graveyard is somewhat of a new "home". With many other wondering spirits...all being able to connect...sine they are in fact all dead. Maybe it is comforting to have a "hang out" area...wondering their grave sites. But in times of loneliness, or maybe they feel the pull of a loved ones thoughts, they can travel to that spot. Home, place of death...etc. Maybe spirits even travel beyond their normal loved places. Maybe they see someone walk thru their graveyard and they decide to follow them around for a bit? Curious...?

Theory Three: The trapped spirit.

Other believe a spirit is trapped where it dies. Or possibly in a very loved place, like their home. It is a common belief for people to think that one a spirit dies in a place, there is some sort of force keeping them there to haunt it. A prison of sorts...never able to leave. This may be the reason why there are so many "haunted locations". Or maybe the spirit doesn't leave the body till it is buried? And this is why graveyards are so haunted. The spirit has no where to go other then the wondering of their own grave?

Now what if:
As a living person can wonder, so can its spirit. Traveling through our homes, the streets, around us daily...yet not seen. This wondering may be a way for them to try and get attention, or maybe they don't know they are dead? If I was a wondering spirit I would definitely wonder around looking for attention...can you imagine living in darkness for countless years alone? I cant.
What if this world we live in today is just a shadow of the full dimension that goes on around us?
And what if a soul DOES wonder around it's own grave...maybe that is because they are looking to "Rest In Peace"? And hunting on their graves only disturbs them? is all speculation...we may never know all the answers.
What is YOUR take?

I know from experience, I have had a few visitors...they come and go, some follow from haunted locations, others are completely random...if they can travel the world now just like they could before...why would they go back to their graves?

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