Saturday, July 25, 2009

Old Victorian House, VT

Well this night was by far amazing!!!
It wasn't 5 minutes when we walked inside and took out the EMF sensor (which was tested before) when it started going off like crazy...not just a little bit, but was spiking as much as was possible...(see picture)
We took out the audio recorder right away (click here for EVP's) and began asking questions. Maybe 8 minutes in, we all turned around to the sound of a little girl laughing, unfortunately this full laugh was not caught on the audio. I was asking questions and with each question the EMF sensor would go crazy or do nothing at it was answering my questions. We found out the spirit we were communicating with was a child, about 10 years old. It would not answer my question of which gender it was. I asked it to play a game with me as I set my flashlight on the floor and asked it to move it or turn it on...nothing happened. I also asked it to bang on the wall...Even tho while we were there we didnt hear the banging at this time, 3 knocks did come up on the audio recorder. Several EVP's were caught on the audio as well...17 of them...including, after my question "Are you still here with us" it answers "right here". After asking it to knock over the flash light, it answers "help me". Many others were caught but I have not been able to tell what they are saying yet...

At one point we heard (and caught on audio) footsteps upstairs, so we went up...the first time up there nothing happened, so we made our way back down stairs to the child who was communicating with us so well.
Again, more questions asked, and each one one point early in the night, both my mom and Shannon saw a figure outside carrying a light...we all bolted thinking it was the cops...when we got outside there was no one there.
After asking the child a few more questions and it seemed as tho it was getting quiet now, i heard female voices upstairs, so we ventured up there again. One room drew me in so we took the audio recorder and the EMF sensor in, nothing for the first minute or so. I began to say "it's ok, we're not here to hurt you" at this time the EMF sensor started to spike. It answered a few questions for us determining it was an older male who had no family or friends there with him. I asked him to bang 3 times on the wall for me so we knew for sure he was there...I banged 3 times....then he did (this was caught on audio as well). There was one EVP we caught in the room that I am trying desperatly to figure out...the only thing I can hear from it tho is "Kill them" (I will have all these EVP's online for you soon).
Even tho the activity was strong, we were getting tons off of the EMF sensor and many EVP's on the seemd to start repeating itself...nothing new was happening so we began to pack we were leaving Shannon decided to ask one more question to the answer...he asked answer...he asked if it was still with answer. We decided maybe it didnt like Shannon so he game me the EMF sensor and I asked if it was still immediate spike! I asked the question and it instantly responded.

This was definitely a hot spot and I will be going back at my next chance!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adventures to come....

TONIGHT - Highgate Manor used to be a Doctors home that did experiments on children...killing them all (who are now buried across the street) also it is built on top of the railroad tunnel where slaves starved to death waiting to get into Canada.

August - Back Inn Time (inn). "There is Lora, the wife of Sidney Weaver, a past owner of the home. Lora died at the young age of 30, however her spirit lived on at Back Inn Time. Request Lora's Room for a chance to encounter Lora. Another ghost spotted is that of a man. He has been seen in the downstairs parlor. Many of our guests have reported seeing our resident ghosts while staying with us. If you are lucky you may also have a spirited encounter. "

September - Back to Emily's bridge

October - house of the seven gables in Salem Mass.

Emily's Bridge in Stowe Vermont

There is a bridge in VT where 150 years ago a women hung herself when her lover never showed up for their elope. It has been heavily haunted ever since.

When we got there is wasn’t quite midnight yet, so we did some waiting around for a bit, while we did this another group of people showed up to see Emily, so we hung out with them as well. I could already feel the presence of Emily and before long the whole group was audibly hearing her crying, we heard this several times. We were a small group, 8 people, and we were all together, this crying was non of us…and the bridge is kind of in the middle of nowhere, there were no other people around. We also heard her walking up and down the bridge, I was able to see her the whole night, she watched us and occasionally became angry with us, we saw orbs with our visible eyes and also had many orbs show up in pictures, there is one picture with a light movement and one with mist and the best of all one picture with what seems to be a body hanging from the bridge. It was a long night, we were there from 10:30pm to 3:ooam. When we left we stopped the van inside the bridge, I could see Emily put her hands on the window and peer in to see us (of course I was screaming…lol) and the car behind us hurried thru, not stopping. we all decided to stop at the nearest gas station and get out to see the cars. On our van, there were 2 distinct hand prints (where I saw her looking in) and the other car had a large scratch on the side of it.

Oujia Board Night 1 believe it or not...with all these ghostly encounters i had never used a Ouija board before...until about a month ago. The night started out with 4 friends (including myself), several small candles lit and the board in the middle of the bed. For about 20 minutes nothing happened. I continued to take pictures thru-out the whole night...during this beginning time, nothing showed up in these pictures...

Several minutes into the night the pointer on the board started to soon as this started happening MANY orbs started showing up in the pictures...There was this one very bright one that was right outside the bedroom door where we were playing, I have zoomed in on it to show you it is not a dust orb (like most orbs in photos). The creepy thing is when I moved into my new apartment I could sense a women's ghost...well I proceeded to tell my friends about this forever resident who haunted my apartment...a young women in her 20's, not happy at all, committed suicide. Well when the board started to move, we asked if it was male of said female.

Randomly throughout the days i would smell an over powering smell of smoke…or something burning…just recently I was seeing the woman again and felt like I knew how she died…electrocuting herself in the bathtub.I have seen 2 bright lights in my room hovering in the corner for a minute then quickly moving and disappearing.

Ghost Stories

When I was 4 we moved into this house…about a year later (from what I can remember….I was only 5) I started noticing things like my dolls being moved in the morning, or the feeling like someone was there. A few years later the feelings got stronger and i was starting to be able to sense what was in my room. I was noticing imprints on my bed like someone was sitting next to me. Soon I was able to “see” very clearly exactly what this was. A little boy about 8 years old with dark brown curly hair and big brown eyes haunted my room. I was scared at first, not sure what to do, is I tried to become “friends” with him…I had to remind him to not stand at the end of my bed and stare at me because it scared me…so instead he would sit on the side of my bed…all night long…He was a curious and mischievous boy who never did any harm…just wanted to play, except one night he scratched me…bad enough it left a scar…so I will never forget…This was just the beginning…along with seeing this boy and other ghosts with my “inner eye” There was one man in my room i saw with my visible eye…he reached into my doorway and turned off my light (I slept with my light on).

A little about myself...

My name is Sarah. I am 24. Since I was little I have been able to see ghosts with both my physical eye and "inner" eye. I can sense when a spirit is in the strongly that I can tell what it is wearing, color of hair, facial expressions and movements. I have had many many encounters over the years...along with seeing ghosts I also developed a strong esp (which once I married a pastors son...was gone...but is now slowly coming back, 4 years later). I could tell when the phone was going to ring and who it was for before it even rang. I could read minds (to a point) if someone was to sit down with me and concentrate on a number, letter, color, name or object...write it on a piece of paper or whisper to a friend and I could tell them what it was. I knew in school when the teacher was going to call on me, or when someone was going to come up and talk to me...

There is a limit (so far) to my encounters...I can read facial expressions, and see the figures...but I have not yet been able to hear anything...other then screams from the spirits.

I have many stories to share...and many more to come!
Please feel free to leave comments!