Monday, September 28, 2009

Emily's Bridge Stowe Vt

Come with us on a amazing ghost hunt at Emily's Bridge in Stowe Vermont on October 9th from 10pm-3am. tickets are limited. get yours today!
more info and to buy tickets go to

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Buffalo New York Riviera Ghost Hunt October 31st

Come see me, Sarah founder of Cryptic Paranormal guest speak at an event on Halloween night, followed by a ghost hunt of the riviera. It's going to be a blast...get tickets now for $15 or at the door for $20.
Cryptic Paranormal T-shirts will be for sale at a special low price just for this event!
get more info HERE

Cant wait to see ya'll there!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I was fast a deep sleep since I have been sick with a cold, and out of nowhere, woke up around 3am. The lights were off in my room....which is rare because my son will sometimes get up at night, so I usually leave something on, and I look to the bottom corner of my bed and there is standing a boy. Kind of tall...maybe 12 years old. He is watching me, i watch him back...trying to make sure I'm still not sleeping and then after several long seconds he slowly fades away...

I was not scared at all by this ghost that was just in my room, staring at me at the end of my bed...tho just thinking the thought right now gives me goose bumps. lol
I'm hoping he was just checking me out and will be coming back soon...I'm sure he has something he wants to tell me...I'll keep you all posted on what happens!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just strange...

So it's a Tuesday night, my kids are with their dad and I decide to get in a jog. I'm near the end of my run and out of breath so I am just walking now, it's fairly dark and all of a sudden I feel huge claws digging into the back of my head, Startled, I scream and turn around there there is nothing there, my hair is all messed up so I take it down and then notice a huge owl sitting on the telephone wire...I'm looking at it and it is staring back at me...I start walking backwards, still watching it...watching me and it dives at me again. I now turn and start walking faster, again it perches on the wire and is watching me and for a thrid time dives at this point I run home...with a serious headache...
that had to have been the strangest thing that has happened to me....