Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Highgate Manor

Sitting in Highgate Vermont is the large and very historic Highgate Manor.
With years of history, some good, lots bad...the walls in this house tell us a whole different story then one we might read in the story books....

Having been the last stop in the Underground railroad, many slaves dies of starvation, waiting till it was safe to pass into the canadian border.

Once it was an in home doctors office...Where the patience of children began to all die off before the age of ten yrs old...the doctor soon was found doing experiments on the children....

For many years, the basement housed a very famous name...Al Capone, used this as a hide out for many years...plotting and killing countless numbers of men in this very house.

A hooker house for a short time, where a woman was murdered in the upstairs bedroom...

The blood this house has seen, turns this beautiful victorian home, into something much deeper and darker when the lights go out...
For the souls that were put to rest in this house....never left.

This house...my dream home, lured me in by these stories.
As a paranormal investigator for several years, and this manor being so close to my home, I couldnt resist the draw it had on me.

I first went with a friend and my mom.
This first night would change the rest of my life...and draw me further into this house.

With a full bodied apparition of an african american, walking by with a lantern, EMF meter spiked the whole time...when there was no electricity running through the house...or had been for months...
Running feet, footsteps in boots and heels, knocks on the walls, flashlights turning off on an on their "own"...

It was like Christmas...I needed to go back...
With more then 30 more visits to this haunted house, I collected over 200 class A EVP's, a video of a face in the doorway....when asked to show himself, been touched, head dragging on the floor, footsteps of all kinds, laughing, screaming, full bodied apparitions, Scratching, banging on the walls, flash lights turning on and off, whispers, disembodied voices...The list goes on...

With countless visits from the spirits in this house and "My little boy" who loves to come visit me when they want me to come back...I have fallen in love with this house.

For pictures, videos and EVPs from this house, please visit my website!

please note...ALMOST all my evidence was lost when my computer was stolen and hacked :( But some was safely put away, so I could recover it later...there are a few evps and videos up.
More coming...as I will continue to go to this house...till the day I die...and then haunt it myself ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alien Abduction?

SO for someone who so strongly believes in things like ghosts and demons, even fairies and mermaids...I have a hard time believing in aliens...or maybe its that I DO believe...but dont want to...?

At a very young age, my dreams were haunted by images of aliens. A weekly or even nightly occurrence to my dreams...

The fear that I felt from these dreams made my other vivid dreams or ghosts and monsters seem like child's play...but why?

At about the age of 10, I went to bed as any normal 10 year old would.
I drifted off to sleep and was yet again haunted by these aliens that I so frequently saw...but this one was different...
It seemed more real.
I "opened" my eyes and blinked as the bright white light around me hurt my eyes...letting myself focus, I looked around the room I was in. I was tightly strapped to a metal table, completely naked. I could feel the cold meal against my skin. I watched as 3 aliens stood over me...peering past them I noticed a little boy...about my same age, clothes less and strapped to another metal table no more then 6 feet away from me...aliens huddled around him too. He was still unconscious.
I looked back up to the light above me, seeing large metal objects and needle looking things. Then...I was awake.
I sat up in bed, back in my bedroom...my chest feeling like a thousand pounds was sitting on it. I looked down and noticed a new scar across my chest...in a place where I had never before been cut. A scar that never even existed before...I felt the small raised light pink scar over my chest and wondered where it had come from...was I really dreaming? Or was my "dream" real?

Since that night...I have (with other eye witnesses) seen 3 distinct UFO's. Once at about 13yrs old, once at about 15years old and once at 18years old.
Each of these times, I have had others with me to witness what I was seeing...and each time...no one has been able to explain what it was...

Was I abducted when I was little? Were they checking up on me?

My own Personal Astral Travel story.

I recently wrote a blog on Astral Projection also known as Astral Travel and Out Of Body Experience...
I wanted to write about my favorite OOBE, just to further the belief of my own....and yours for Astral Travel.

This happened in September of 2009.

I was laying in bed, kids were asleep in the other room, and I decided to work on some meditation. I was trying to develop my psychic abilities, as I have always been able to see and sense spirits...but it was important to me to further my ability.

Well this one summer/fall afternoon while my kids took a nap, I was half sitting, half laying on my bed. Not tired at all, I closed my eyes and began to meditate, first by clearing my mind.

Not long after a strange feeling came over me and I was un able to open my eyes...even trying to fight it to open them up, they remained closed.

Before I knew it, I felt my body drop into a strange scene.
It was night, the air was cold on my skin and my bare feet. I was standing in front of an old wooden covered bridge.
For a moment I thought it was a dream...but it seemed too real. I could feel the cold air brushing my skin, and the cold dirt beneath my feet.

I started to walk through the bridge...noticing i could feel the cold damp wood on my feet.
I began to try and run through, but the further in I got, the slower I became...till I was at the very edge of the other side...but couldnt move anymore.
Still in shock of the real-ness of this, I grabbed onto the bridge with my hands, and my body slid down the side, unable to move anymore, and I sat on the wooden floor.
I can remember feeling the wood on my hands...each grain and splinter or it, clearly beneath my finger tips.

I sat inside the edge of this bridge, unable to move or talk.
Soon a man walks up to me. He looks at me confused for a moment then turns around and walks away. Moments later he comes back. Standing before me looking in shock and confused at the same time.ot sure what to do or say. As I watch him...still unable to function, I see a black shadow...evil in spirit peek out from behind him and come closer to me...
At this moment I woke up.
My eyes shot open as I still lay in my bed. My arms crossed over my lap. I reached up with one hand to wipe sweat from my head. As my one arm moves. I notice my other arm is holding a hand...not my own. I pull on the hand, trying to lose the grasp, till it slowly fades away and is gone.

Shocked I sit up. Confused at what has happened, since I have never before heard of astral travel at this point. I look down at my hands who sat shaking on my lap, as my eyes focus, I draw them closer to my face...and notice the wooden splinters that are embedded in my palms and fingers...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lake Champlain's Champ Monster

It was a cold rainy Vermont evening. But nothing to hold me and a friend back from taking a stroll along Lake Champlain's waterfront late at night on April 17th 2010. It was around 11pm when the cold walk turned us around, on our way back along the rocky path a large splash about 20 feet from the shore caught our attention. Thinking someone jumped into the still freezing cold water we turned around to see what the noise was. A large snake like head sat gracefully on top of the chilling water. We watched in awe as we tried to figure out what it was we were looking at. It glided around as we followed it from up on the path, a strange clicking noise came from the creature and was loud enough to hear clearly from about 40 feet away...about as far away as it got from us. Sounded much like a dolphin or some kind of echolocation. It continued to follow the line of the shore as we continued to follow it. Every couple minutes the head would disappear under the glassy water followed by another enormous splash. This happened maybe a total of 7 or 8 times as we followed it, creeping closer and closer for a good ten minutes. Finally it started to make its way to some near by docks...we bolted trying to get onto the docks before it passed them. Running in the freezing rain along the large uneven rocks we made it in time, we watched as the snake like head came about 20 feet from us, made one last splash, went under the docks then didnt come up again...
Was it champ?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hallucination Vs. Seein Spirits

Hallucination Vs Seeing Ghosts

Is there a connection with seeing ghosts and having hallucinations?

What is a hallucination? A hallucination is defined as perceptions in a conscious and awake state in the absence of external stimuli which have qualities of real perception, in that they are vivid, substantial, and located in external objective space.

A mild form of hallucination is known as a disturbance, and can occur in any of the senses. These may be things like seeing movement in peripheral vision, or hearing faint noises and/or voices.

Hallucinations can also be associated with drug or alcohol use (particularly deliriants), sleep deprivation, psychosis, neurological disorders, and delirium tremens.

hallucinations occur just before falling asleep, and affect a surprisingly high proportion of the population. The hallucinations can last from seconds to minutes, all the while the subject usually remains aware of the true nature of the images.

Hallucinations are the out come of our senses being "played" with. Our sight, hearing and smell. But what if these drugs, or disorders were not so much causing these fantasies to play in front of us...what if they are actually making us more sensative to the paranormal world around us?

This subject first became a quick obsession when, one evening when I was at my friends house. It was late...around 1:00am, she had taken Ambien (Zolpidem) , a drug used for the short-term treatment of insomnia, and I was laying on the couch. Roughly at the same time...me being a "sensitive" (someone who can sense spirits) felt a present come into the room...moments later, my friend who was sitting beside me, began to tell me about a man that was standing beside me. She was not bothered by this...image...but did try to ignore him. Was she hallucinating from the drug? Or did it make her more sensitive to what was really there in the room with us? I had not told her about the spirit coming into the room, as I did not want to frighten her...some take my "ability" better than others, and I was not sure where she stood on the subject yet. So my mouth was shut. The moment she told me she saw this man...my heart dropped...was she really seeing what I was sensing? Is it possible for it to be that simple? For a simple sleeping pill to enhance our abilities to see into this forever questioning spirit world?

The point of a sleeping pill (for instance) is to relax the body and mind...turning off all the extra noise and thoughts that clutter our heads...is all the freeing of this clutter making room to take in the new surroundings?

There is a theory, spirits are more active during the night, because the energy that the sun puts off is at its lowest, allowing these spirits to use their own energy to come through to us. People are asleep, electronics or mostly turned off...all in all, it is quieter and more peaceful...like a clear head. Now imagine our brains during the day...running through lists of daily chores....drop the kids of at daycare, go to work, meeting at noon, pick kids up, go to the store, make dinner, lunch with mom tomorrow, doctors appointment at 3 on Thursday...endless lists of activites...but once we start to wind down, just before falling alseep, is when our minds are the least active...allowing to pick up on other things around us. You can lay in bed and hear the cat purring outside the door, the wind softly blowing outside, clocks ticking in the next room...the space around us just seems to become more alive when our minds are more clear, opening up and becoming more sensitive.

It is said that children are more apt to seeing spirits at a young age, and lose it as they get older...as well have have "imaginary friends". Are these switches in our bodies deteriorating with age...just as commonly as our sight and hearing and even our bones in our bodies? And only active "excersises" can help bring these back? Just like everything else? Glasses fix our vision, hearing ads help our ears, medicines help our bones...is it that simple to get our sensitivity back with a simple hallucinogenic drug?

Is there a chemical imbalance in us, that this sleeping pill, or other drugs allows us to temporarily get back? Or an over active chemical imbalance in people who seem to have a mental illness, and therefore have "hallucinations" often?.
Could we be closer connected to the spiritual world then we thought?

Now dont get me wrong, I am not telling anyone to go start taking drugs...I have never done drugs in my life and even as obsessed with these questions as I am, I am still nervous to even test my theory with a simple sleeping pill...even tho I could get it proscribed since I in fact have insomnia...
The more scientific evidence we can find on this, the better! But the best things now are ask all the questions we can think of...because without questions...we have no answers!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can you weigh your soul?

The subject I would like to cover today is that of "soul weighing." It was first introduced by Dr.Duncan Macdougall in 1907. His work was published in the New York Times newspaper and also in a journal called American Medicine. Duncan's theory was that for the human soul to exist it must have some sort of density or mass. For something that did not have structure or weight could not possibly exist in our world. In his words it was, "unthinkable." He proceeded to conduct experiments to support his theory.
Macdougall performed these experiments on six dying patients. The patients were dying from tuberculosis, diabetes, and other unknown causes. Macdougall would place their bed onto a large scale which was sensitive to two-tenths of an ounce. At the exact moment of death Macdougall recorded a significant weight loss of approximately 21.3 grams.

From Macdougall's article:

During all three hours and forty minutes I kept the beam end slightly above balance near the upper limiting bar in order to make the test more decisive if it should come.

At the end of three hours and forty minutes he expired and suddenly coincident with death the beam end dropped with an audible stroke hitting against the lower limiting bar and remaining there with no rebound. The loss was ascertained to be three-fourths of an ounce.

This loss of weight could not be due to evaporation of respiratory moisture and sweat, because that had already been determined to go on, in his case, at the rate of one sixtieth of an ounce per minute, whereas this loss was sudden and large, three-fourths of an ounce in a few seconds.

The bowels did not move; if they had moved the weight would still have remained upon the bed except for a slow loss by the evaporation of moisture depending, of course, upon the fluidity of the feces. The bladder evacuated one or two drams of urine. This remained upon the bed and could only have influenced the weight by slow gradual evaporation and therefore in no way could account for the sudden loss.

There remained but one more channel of loss to explore, the expiration of all but the residual air in the lungs. Getting upon the bed myself, my colleague put the beam at actual balance. Inspiration and expiration of air as forcibly as possible by me had no effect upon the beam. My colleague got upon the bed and I placed the beam at balance. Forcible inspiration and expiration of air on his part had no effect. In this case we certainly have an inexplicable loss of weight of three-fourths of an ounce. Is it the soul substance? How other shall we explain it?

If such a measurement was conducted, why haven't we pursued this further? This is what us as paranormal investigators need. Concrete evidence of paranormal phenomena. Concrete evidence of the human soul. Concrete evidence of the afterlife itself! If we are to stand up and show the world something else out there does exist, we must provide to them something that will awe them. Something that has been documented in a way in which no scientist can debunk.
If the human soul does indeed have a mass and does indeed pass from our bodies at the moment of death, this is proof that we move on into the next life. If it does indeed have a mass this may very well explain why we can photograph it and pick it up using our meters and counters. We may not be able to see it but it is there and it has weight! It also makes sense to me that coming from our bodies which are made of electric charges, in order to maintain its existence in this world it would need to keep some sort of electrical charge. Therefore seeking out places in which the environments fit their needs the best. Cool dry environments. Places in which there are high amounts of electromagnetic energy. Near water and near granite.
All in all, I believe there are things in this world we are not meant to fully understand. That does not mean we cannot find it, document it, and back up the evidence of it being there! It is my personal goal to find this evidence and present it to the world. Until then I move each day stepping closer and closer to uncovering the truth.

Written by: David Scott


Read Macdougall's article from 1907 here:http://www.ghostweb.com/soul.html

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am planning on traveling all over the world these next few years for paranormal investigations. If you have a place you would like to see me go to, please let me know! And keep posted on new investigations and evidence at www.crypticparanormal.com