Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alien Abduction?

SO for someone who so strongly believes in things like ghosts and demons, even fairies and mermaids...I have a hard time believing in aliens...or maybe its that I DO believe...but dont want to...?

At a very young age, my dreams were haunted by images of aliens. A weekly or even nightly occurrence to my dreams...

The fear that I felt from these dreams made my other vivid dreams or ghosts and monsters seem like child's play...but why?

At about the age of 10, I went to bed as any normal 10 year old would.
I drifted off to sleep and was yet again haunted by these aliens that I so frequently saw...but this one was different...
It seemed more real.
I "opened" my eyes and blinked as the bright white light around me hurt my eyes...letting myself focus, I looked around the room I was in. I was tightly strapped to a metal table, completely naked. I could feel the cold meal against my skin. I watched as 3 aliens stood over me...peering past them I noticed a little boy...about my same age, clothes less and strapped to another metal table no more then 6 feet away from me...aliens huddled around him too. He was still unconscious.
I looked back up to the light above me, seeing large metal objects and needle looking things. Then...I was awake.
I sat up in bed, back in my chest feeling like a thousand pounds was sitting on it. I looked down and noticed a new scar across my a place where I had never before been cut. A scar that never even existed before...I felt the small raised light pink scar over my chest and wondered where it had come from...was I really dreaming? Or was my "dream" real?

Since that night...I have (with other eye witnesses) seen 3 distinct UFO's. Once at about 13yrs old, once at about 15years old and once at 18years old.
Each of these times, I have had others with me to witness what I was seeing...and each one has been able to explain what it was...

Was I abducted when I was little? Were they checking up on me?

My own Personal Astral Travel story.

I recently wrote a blog on Astral Projection also known as Astral Travel and Out Of Body Experience...
I wanted to write about my favorite OOBE, just to further the belief of my own....and yours for Astral Travel.

This happened in September of 2009.

I was laying in bed, kids were asleep in the other room, and I decided to work on some meditation. I was trying to develop my psychic abilities, as I have always been able to see and sense spirits...but it was important to me to further my ability.

Well this one summer/fall afternoon while my kids took a nap, I was half sitting, half laying on my bed. Not tired at all, I closed my eyes and began to meditate, first by clearing my mind.

Not long after a strange feeling came over me and I was un able to open my eyes...even trying to fight it to open them up, they remained closed.

Before I knew it, I felt my body drop into a strange scene.
It was night, the air was cold on my skin and my bare feet. I was standing in front of an old wooden covered bridge.
For a moment I thought it was a dream...but it seemed too real. I could feel the cold air brushing my skin, and the cold dirt beneath my feet.

I started to walk through the bridge...noticing i could feel the cold damp wood on my feet.
I began to try and run through, but the further in I got, the slower I became...till I was at the very edge of the other side...but couldnt move anymore.
Still in shock of the real-ness of this, I grabbed onto the bridge with my hands, and my body slid down the side, unable to move anymore, and I sat on the wooden floor.
I can remember feeling the wood on my hands...each grain and splinter or it, clearly beneath my finger tips.

I sat inside the edge of this bridge, unable to move or talk.
Soon a man walks up to me. He looks at me confused for a moment then turns around and walks away. Moments later he comes back. Standing before me looking in shock and confused at the same time.ot sure what to do or say. As I watch him...still unable to function, I see a black shadow...evil in spirit peek out from behind him and come closer to me...
At this moment I woke up.
My eyes shot open as I still lay in my bed. My arms crossed over my lap. I reached up with one hand to wipe sweat from my head. As my one arm moves. I notice my other arm is holding a hand...not my own. I pull on the hand, trying to lose the grasp, till it slowly fades away and is gone.

Shocked I sit up. Confused at what has happened, since I have never before heard of astral travel at this point. I look down at my hands who sat shaking on my lap, as my eyes focus, I draw them closer to my face...and notice the wooden splinters that are embedded in my palms and fingers...