Friday, April 15, 2011

Model by Day...Ghost Hunter by Night

So...Since I have been writing this Blog for over a year and got a great about of hits and reads from it...I thought Id give you a sneak peek into my life!

The gold morning sun warmed the sand on the beach and my skin.

I fixed my wind blown hair and draped a thin white dress over my shoulders and down my waist.

I tucked my toes into the sand and quickly breathed in as the cold ocean waves crashed around my bare legs.
The shutter clicked. The photographer stood a safe distance away from the water, but continued to give me directions to further myself into the chilled water.

The wind blew and the waves splashed, soaking both me and my thin white dress. This made for a very cold morning, but very beautiful pictures.

“Ok, lets get you up in the sand”. The photographer said while he pointed to a very warm and inviting strip of sand on the beach.

I ran out of the water and laid down...feeling the warmth on my skin.
“Now, roll around a bit”. He mentioned...yet again waving his arm at me as if motioning what to do.

The camera continued to snap away as the once soaking wet, me...was now sand covered, me.

Several hours past and the sun was now hot and high over head.
“break time, lets grab some lunch” he said to me, handing me a towel.

I wrapped up after taking one last dive into the water to wash off all the sand.

We walked to an old restaurant on the beach and sat down for a refreshing drink and plate of calamari.

We were talking away, mostly about the photoshoot and the beautiful weather, but something caught me eye and I was clearly distracted.
The photographer looked in the direction that my gaze was caught, but saw nothing. He looked back at me puzzled, but my stare was still seemlingly at the empty wall behind him.
“Are you ok”? he asked.

I snapped back. “Uh...ya. fine”. I said, looking down at my food.
He turned around again to see...nothing.
He brushed it off and we continued to talk. A few moments later my attention was caught yet again, but this time by my side. I tried to ignore, but it was painfully obvious.
“Whats wrong”? he asked again.

Hesitant to give a truthful answer...I started with my own question.
“Do you believe in ghosts?” I asked.
His look went from confused to excited. “Oh yes...I saw one a couple years ago. Scared the hell out of me....why?”

Taking in a deep breath, I gazed again at this seemingly empty space beside me.
“ the movie puts it...’I see dead people’”. I gave a nervous laugh...this information was either taken very badly or very well.
I waited. The information seemed to slowly be sinking in to the man across the table from me.
“No way! That is so cool”. he squealed.

I sighed in relief. “Yup” I said. “And Im a Ghost Hunter by hobby” I continued. “Since its something Ive lived with my whole life, and a lot of people thought I was just crazy, I decided to try and collect evidence of it”.

He perked up in his seat and leaned in over the table, unknowing to himself, getting calamari sauce on his sleeve.
“Have you ever caught anything?” He asked.

I laughed. “Of course.”

I went into a story of my favorite haunted location in Highgate Vermont...a place in investigated roughly 100 times.

“There is this old victorian mansion in Vermont, near where I grew up, that is abandon.
It was all boarded up and I would have to sneak in through the tiny kitchen window. The air inside was always colder then it was outside...but at least 10 degrees...some rooms was even colder.
I would take friends in there with me and we would sit in the main down stairs room and just listen to 2 children, a boy and a girl, run around the house laughing. They loved to play with our flashlights...if we set them on the floor, they would turn them on and off for us when we asked.

They also loved to sit in your lap if you sat on the floor, you could feel them.”

His eyes widened and he leaned even further in.

“We also have seen full bodied apparitions, had spirits speak and scream at us. Even one say “Look the ghost girl is back” when I walked into the room.

“No way....!” He said, eyes as large as the almost empty plate of calamari on the table.

I laughed “Yup, it was crazy!”

“We have head footsteps in heavy boots, high heels and bare feet. Had knocks on walls, clothes and hair pulled. People touched. Just about everything you can think of has happened to me in that house”

I paused for a moment reminiscing the memories.

“There are several spirits in there” I continued.
“An old man, who is fairly grumpy and doesn't like our company. A little girl who is very shy but will say ‘hello’ to you. A little boy who loves to play games and make himself known. A woman in her 20’s, a tall man who use to be a slave, in his 40’s and occasionally, a dark spirit...not sure why he is there”

“And you’ve seen all these?” he asked “What did they look like? is it like in the movies? were they scary looking?”

I chuckled. “They show themselves to me how they want to be seen. All the ones in this house, seem to like me and enjoy my company when I am there, they have all looked normal and they were before they passed away”

A pause then the silent words whispered out from his mouth..."wow...!"

"Yup" I said "Thats my life...everyday!"

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