Saturday, August 15, 2009

Personal experience

I just had the craziest thing happen to me...a first for me for sure!

I felt like I needed to lay down, so I did.
I wasnt even really tired, just bored and had nothing else to do.
I closed my eyes and saw a white figure...I tried to open my eyes back up and they would NOT open...i was trying SO hard, I got them open a bit and they were forced shut again...then all of a sudden I was at Emily's bridge. I could feel the cool air and an energy in the bridge. I was on one side of it and started running thru it to the other side, the energy inside was INTENSE and all of a sudden I felt like I had been possesd. I was wondering if it was a dream so I grabbed onto the bridge and I could feel all the cracks and everything in the was like I was really there. the feeling inside me was so intense so I sat down on the corner of the bridge. A man came up to me to see if I was ok, but I was so overwhelemed I coudnt talk and I just stared at him...he left and came back and when he came back there was a black figure behind him, he could feel it so he turned around but when he did it was gone...
I was trying to wake up, so I did. I had my hands over my chest and was holding each hand, I let go to wipe hair out of my face, but my hand was still holding a hand. I took my loose hand and grabbed the other hand to pry it away from my other hand...then I woke up AGAIN and I could STILL feel the hand in my hands...and it slowly faded away...
it was the craziest more realistic thing that has EVER happened to me... I cant even begin to tell you how real it was...I would swear I was really in that bridge, I could feel the wood under me, i touched it and felt it perfectly, I could feel the energy inside the bridge and then inside me and I felt the hands while I was even awake....not only that but I had SPLINTERS in my was crazy!!!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Old Victorian House night 2

So from the intense first night we had at the old victorian, my photographer, Dawn and I decided to make a second trip. we arrived around 10pm and began to take out the equipment and such, expecting things to start right off....nothing. We walked around the house, it was very quiet, the energy wasnt anywhere near as strong as it was the first night. While we were downstairs, we did hear some footsteps upstairs, so we went up there...Nothing happened while we were upstairs so we made out way back downstairs, we decided to sit on the floor and do a EVP session. During this session we once again heard the girl in the kitchen area, the same place we heard her last time. We heard more footsteps upstairs and at one point in the night we heard something being dragged across the floor. This was going on while we were asking the little boy, the same one we talked to the first night (he did make the EMF go off once) if he was around.

A little dissapointed in the night we went home. but we did catch some EVP's. listen to them here.
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