Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lake Champlain's Champ Monster

It was a cold rainy Vermont evening. But nothing to hold me and a friend back from taking a stroll along Lake Champlain's waterfront late at night on April 17th 2010. It was around 11pm when the cold walk turned us around, on our way back along the rocky path a large splash about 20 feet from the shore caught our attention. Thinking someone jumped into the still freezing cold water we turned around to see what the noise was. A large snake like head sat gracefully on top of the chilling water. We watched in awe as we tried to figure out what it was we were looking at. It glided around as we followed it from up on the path, a strange clicking noise came from the creature and was loud enough to hear clearly from about 40 feet away...about as far away as it got from us. Sounded much like a dolphin or some kind of echolocation. It continued to follow the line of the shore as we continued to follow it. Every couple minutes the head would disappear under the glassy water followed by another enormous splash. This happened maybe a total of 7 or 8 times as we followed it, creeping closer and closer for a good ten minutes. Finally it started to make its way to some near by docks...we bolted trying to get onto the docks before it passed them. Running in the freezing rain along the large uneven rocks we made it in time, we watched as the snake like head came about 20 feet from us, made one last splash, went under the docks then didnt come up again...
Was it champ?